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Full Version: Looking for tactical console and science console
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Hi everyone.

It's my mistake. I dropped two consoles. I gues my mind wasn't on the game. One is a tactical console and the other one is a science console.
I Played some episode and STF to get a console but no way.
Does anyone knows were I could buy consoles mark X or mark XI?
Thanks in advance.
Under your minimap is a dilithium store button. Click that and you can buy consoles with dilithium. You can also check the exchange, as well as the vendors in the shipyard at earth space dock.
You could also have someone craft you some of the higher end consoles if you have the materials for it.
Thanks a lot for your answer.
At the end I bought 2 consoles. I can't craft anything. It says that I have not enough research points. I googlelized my friend google but I didn't find pertinent answer. So then I gave up crafting Sad
To be able to craft high end gear you have to craft low end gear first. Every time you craft something it gives you a skill bonus. Every item has a minimum skill required to make it.