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Full Version: looking for Skill build suggestions
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I have been trying to improve the dps my avenger can give

I'm currently out of fleet credit so going with additional fleet weapon is out of the question, but I am looking at options on skill point (i got a 10% increase last week while messing with it - Thanks to Robisek suggestions) . I'm always way bellow most ship dps has my max is 6.5k and I often see half build beam boat do above that. I don,t want to build a a2b config, but i'm also opened to a change in boff configuration

Thanks for your suggestions

Herlock Sholmes
The Avenger unfortunately makes a poor cannon boat due to the boff layout, so you would be better served using DBBs up front to have more beam skills active and hence more DPS. However, if you're using beams, your rear slots are useless while you're in a forward-facing attack run as on your existing build. So, I'd suggest replacing the rear beams with turrets if you can get them instead, or get an OmniDirectional AP beam and then do another torp rear - I've run this type of loadout with good success on my Avenger.

Your lack of DPS is mostly due to this split personality right now, you're not going to be able to bring all the weapons to bear at any given time.

You may also want to swap up your skills, you've got a lot of maxed points in Engineering and Science that probably could be redistributed to your Attack Patterns and maxing your Beam/Projectile Specialization as well. See something like I did here:
Thank you Beardy,

I've tried with 2 Mk XI turret in the back (before investing to much), on the first try I did get about 750 dps more. (considering I was doing the mirror event with my awful piloting skills it was a nice improvement ) so I will look into changing the boff powers to accommodate. But with all the power require I start to get a why everyone is using a2b lol
The other configuration you where recommending was 4 dbs in front and what in the back ? Still turret or Omni ap ?
Get omni AP. It is free and you can use it with Beam Overload. Then do one turret or a torp as needed. Maybe the transphasic cluster for a little going away present as you fly by the enemy.
I will have to get a Fleet Avenger on my engineer sometime and try to fix this for you, as I've only got the fleet one on Beardy. In the meantime I have been able to make my Fleet Gal-X pretty effective on the engineer so I am guessing if I could solve that dilemma we can fix your Avenger.
I will run some of your suggestion this week-end to see how it goes. - i already had some fleet dbb around to try it.

And being use to pilot cruiser, i am obsessed with RCS Smile anyway the avenger holds pretty well defensive wise with the current engineer console load, and I wanted to be able to bring the canon to the front.