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Full Version: Big updates to the Galaxy and Fed Dread
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I can't describe how excited I am for this...


(this might give you an idea of how excited I am :p)
Wow, I was just talking the other night with a few folks about how great it would be to see these updated. Now I can actually say I want to use my Gal dread.


Nice way to adress the imbalance created by the Dread Warbirds.

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So what you are telling me is that I have even more reason to use my dreadnought now?

.....Fleet Gal Dread......welp goodbye life time to grind fleet credits again....
(02-28-2014, 03:29 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I certainly was thinking of you when I read about the Fed Dread updates!

Haha me included!
Ya so have to buy the fleet module thingy and the gal ship so I can get saucer separation. Looking at upgrading the ship in general as well as after doing some runs last night I was dishing out poor dps compared to several others in the group and wasn't tanking that well either. Very disappointing after how it used to play so have to work on fixing it. I must say thanks for posting this though as I probably wouldn't have noticed right away otherwise.
Dont think so but not sure. Will have to check. Is it worth it?
Had a play around on Tribble this morning with the Dread - certainly makes the ship a lot more usable to have the saucer separation. With skills only (plus the 2 set console bonus) I'm going from 6.8 to 22.4 turn rate from joined to separated which means I might even stick my DHC build back on this thing!

Very impressed.
Crap I didnt even think about getting on tribble to try it out..... I should go do so.

Or not as apparently the character transfer page is down for maintence and has been for some time....
(03-05-2014, 11:37 PM)Blakmage86 Wrote: [ -> ]Or not as apparently the character transfer page is down for maintence and has been for some time....
There is a workaround you can use to get onto the old website/account page and do your char transfers which is what I did. For instructions:
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