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Full Version: Bacon Cheeseburger :(
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You can see me holding a peice of bacon in my hand.
World's gonna end soon! Big Grin
OMG !! What is this madness !!??
Kill it, Mal, quick !



Haha Mal, you finally met your fears. We'll eventually make a Klingon out of you, after all. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

And still for the Record: Bacon does NOT belong on a Cheeseburger!
Bacon belongs in every facet of life.

Im with Jstagg on this one. Also just noticed this is a week old at this point. I should really catch up on my unread threads.
Looks like your bacon has gorn awol.
Would be great with a cheesburger ;-)
The Bacon mug looks NASTY
Maybe if you filled it with say biscuits and gravy instead of beer and used it as a bowl.
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