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Full Version: Finally time for a new computer (Help!)
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So, I'm in game much less at the moment (and missing out on meeting Tuvok 5 times a day, meh) as my laptop is kinda on its last legs.
Since its payday on Friday... Actually thinking of taking the plunge and going for some new tech. Problem is, I kinda overthink decisions such as this wayyy too much and need some help from the lovely STOA community (that would be you guys Smile ) to help me settle on the new shiny shiny.

Options currently on the table:

- MBP with retina display (almost certainly a 13 inch variant for portability which will be Intel Iris graphics)
- MBA (Intel HD 5000)
- Getting a custom build PC (probably better for work life and gaming activities overall)

As most of my dilemma would come from deciding on a build for a custom PC, I'm trying to not go all out and spend lots of money just because. I've looked on Overclockers, Aria and eBuyer (UK sites for those who didn't know) and have two questions to put out there:

1) My main and only game really will be STO. Since its not exactly the most graphically demanding game is there really much point in going for even a mid range graphics card? From my research I'm tempted to settle on a card around the GTX 650 Ti area which seems more than capable enough for high graphics in STO.

2) Processor - the futureproof and 'because I can' part of me would really like to go for one of the 8 core AMD processors but I'm guessing STO runs rather smooth and easy on a QC. Again, I want this to be a build of needs and not wants (apart from storage space) so should I save some wad and go for 4 cores instead of 6 or 8?

All responses appreciated!

Edit: text size issues.
I went to Dell and had mine custom built for what I needed. Maybe have a look? I use an XPS 8300 desktop and I couldnt even tell you the specs lol.

Not sure is Dell is available for outside UK...probably is...but they have great stuff with great financing offers as well if you aren't going to pay outright.

Processor terms, I dont really trust AMD. I used them before and they were piss. Intel i core processors are great. I have a 2nd gen i7 and it is fantastic.
ugh Dell, good machines, bad customer service

I recommend looking into Lenovo. I've always liked their products. I have a laptop from them and can play STO perfectly on it.
I've never had any reason to complain about Dell yet like, but could be for any reason
The reason I'm going for a custom build (or a website such as PC Specialist) is because I need some flexibility with my storage (ideally I'll be getting a SSD for the OS and at least 2x2TB for storage. Companies like Dell don't really give the best price for that amount of storage and it'll ramp up the price. Any thoughts on the graphics?
Fair enough. It could just be U.S. customer service lol. I've never personally dealt with them because of the stories I heard from other people.
lsloan check out

That's always my first stop when buying a new comp or comp parts. They have a wide selection and can give you a good idea of what's out there. The link I gave you is directly for their gaming laptops.
I used Cyberpower to build mine and have never had any issues with it.
You've got a PM Connar. Big Grin
Newegg would be the first choice. I haven't bought a PC in years,I have built my own and it all depends on what you want. I use AMD w/ a liquid cooler and ASUS MB and I have never had any problems with either product. Just remember to get a good case as well as a good power supply.
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