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Full Version: looking for some Carrier Advice
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I recently broke down and picked up the Armitage Class and i'm about ready to upgrade my fighters but I'm not sure which to go with the Advanced Peregrine Fighters or the Advanced Delta Flyers. I've read up on both of them and i'm leaning towards the Delta Flyers. what do you all think?
To be honest, I picked the peregrines.

Mostly because it keeps it mostly canon, with that edgy battle-ready feel to it lol

Delta's just don't cut it for me. But I would go with what you feel personally. If you're leaning towards the delta flyer's, then go for that!
Once the fleet starbase gets to Tier 5, the Yellowstones from the fleet store are pretty good depending on your build. They have high-level tractor beams and chroniton torps so they can do a pretty decent job of crowd control. They take a long time to respawn compared to other fighters, though. You may also want to check out the Nukara or Romulan rep stores depending on your preference as their pets are also very strong.

If you're only able to get the non-rep items, check the fleet stores to see what we have there but the Peregrines are more damage-oriented.
IMHO, Advanced should be skipped, not much difference from regular, try to go for Elite ones.
On Romulan version of Armitage Carrier (Ar'Kif) I use Elite Scorpions from Romulan Reputation and they are quite powerful.


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