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Full Version: Taloria Jinxus need help
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Hello i recently messaged someone on STO in regards with skills i should be working on as i am a Tactical Officer and I will be getting the USS Defiant type ship once i reach captain. Any advice would be helpful as i am still new to this game and hardly understand what i should be focusing on mainly. thanks in kind

Taloria (USS Quantum)
The Defiant is an escort. They are fast but have weak shields and hull. You want to focus on consoles, abilities, skills, etc. that boost your shield and hull strength. Also, you will want to put cannons in the front of your ship and turrets in the back. You can also put one torpedo in the front if you want, but it isn't necessary. With that being said, you'll definitely want your bridge officers to have the Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Spread abilities.
ok thanks for the tip what about ground abilities?
For your ground abilities I would suggest using the first tier ground abilities. I forget the names (I don't play my tac much) but they increase damage with your ranged weapons. PS generator is also a nice skill to have, as you can take more damage on your shield. Other than that, I strongly suggest having skill in Squad Command as this helps your away team with their skills. I've also read that threat control is a really useful tool because you can keep your science officer from taking too much damage so she/he can heal the group. Basically, look at each skill and look at your playing style. How do you go about ground combat? This is a rather obvious point, but make sure you are putting skill points into skills you will actually use, or those that up abilities that you have already. Use the skill planner on this site to make the most of your points.