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Full Version: please help with skills I can improve on.
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Hi im unheard.

Im new here,

my ship is a multi vector assault escort.

please can you all tell me what I can make improvements on please.

thank you.
You might consider replacing your Transfer Shield Strength II with Boarding Party I. Boarding party provides a great little step up if you want to do big damage fast. 95% of the time all 3 shuttles get through to the target, and when they do... all hell breaks loose! Enemy systems start going off-line randomly, which includes shields and weapons. With the MVAE it makes sense because you can spread your pieces out and hit different sides of the target's hull when their shields go down. Other than that it seems like you have a fairly good setup. Then again, I'm a Science officer in a science ship, what do I know! Wink

Good luck with it!