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Full Version: Save money on some Tokens
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most of you are certainly aware of all those Respec Tokens, that one can buy to change ones Skills, Traits, Reputation Powers etc.
What you probably don't know, is that two of these Tokens are also available in the Dilithium Store:
  • Reputation Respec Token
  • Species Traits Respec Token
Those Token cost either 300 ZEN in the C-Store or 20,000 refined Dilithium in the Dilithium Store (Section: Special Items).
Now if you examine the current Dilithium Exchange Rates, then 20,000 refined Dilithium is the equivalent of roughly 155 ZEN, which is effectively half of the C-Store price. So, if you need to buy ZEN for these Tokens, the convert them into refined Dilithium first and buy them in the Dilithium Store. That way, you actually make profit.

You can also get one for free if you purchase special traits on the Exchange - when you open the trait box you'll get a free respec, and these cost EC.


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April 3rd, 2014 holodeck server patch notes:
Quote:Removed the Captain Retrain Bundle, Reputation Retrain Token, and the Species Trait Retrain Token from the C-Store.
  • The Systems tab in the dilithium store has also been removed.
    • This tab only had Reputation Retrain Tokens and the Species Trait Retrain Tokens.
  • These tokens will be obsolete upon the launch of Season 9.
  • The Captain Retrain Token will still be available to purchase and needed to retrain skills.
When season 9 launches we will no longer need tokens to respec our reputation traits or species traits. We can do it whenever we want free of charge. But we will only be able to switch around our traits in sector space and ground social maps such as ESD, Qo'nos, Drozana Station, DS9, etc. We won't be able to switch them around during a mission, PVE event, or PVP match, which to me is just fine.