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Full Version: Help with ship setups
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I was noticing that many of us will start playing Elite missions soon. Eventually we will all get to Elite level STF's. In the spirit of strengthening the fleet I have started a topic where people can post their ship setups, and get help and advice. I have yet to figure out the best way to do that, but this topic is a start. I think it would be important for Captains to post their career path and ship class as well as the weapons and shields. I also think it would be important to post any consoles that help your current setup. I will publish mine soon. I think we can all learn from each other.
As a tactical Captain flying escorts this is my current go to thread. Though as I approach VA I need to decide which escort I am going to get.

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I read through that forum that you linked. It seems like a good repository for tactical captains. Only limited information for science officers or engineering officers. I am still trying to figure out the science vessel's role in STF's. STF's are all about the combat and let's face it, science vessels aren't strong in the DPS area :oops: !
As I approach VA, I am trying to weigh my options in deciding on a new ship. How much do I value my science officer skills? Specifically, how much do I value the higher ranked abilities? The cruisers and escorts are heavy-duty machines which look really cool, but I have come to know and love my science BO skills, so I will probably get another science vessel.