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Full Version: Screenshot Competition
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Cryptic have started a screenshot competition!

I have lots of screenshots of ships etc, so hopefully I will be able to find something fitting Smile

Should be good craic



(12-13-2013, 04:13 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like a neat idea, and getting your ship / crew on the loading screen would be excellent.

Though I am surprised there is not more of a prize! (Certainly having your ship and handle on a loading screen is a prize, but I thought they might cough up 100 zen, or something, to those who are selected.)

The German STO Community had a Screenshot contest a few months back, where you were supposed to capture your Crew and your Ship from the Character Selection Screen. Thanks to all your help, I made it into the Top 20 and got 500 ZEN for it. Those ZEN were of course converted into Dilithium and contribute to STO Academy Legion Fleet Holdings.

Here's my first one. Got a couple others to throw in.
I threw my hat in the ring, so to speak. Was going through my screenshots folder and found an action shot that was nice. Often action shots are muddled by discolorations (BFI makes you purple, for example) but I happened to get away with only a minor HUD emblem saying my EPTA was recharged.

I find it easier to take screenshots with Fraps, but this captures the hud and for this contest they don't like that.
I might just post my all Orion Femme crew photoshopped to be stood in a pyramid on Montara, who is riding on the back of two B'rels like they are dolphins in the Risen sea, with a ToS Enterprise eating the Borg Queen like a shark in the background.
No photoshopping or editing allowed. They want raw screenshots, that THEY can tweak for splash screens.


The print screen button puts it in your clipboard, so just clicking edit paste should paste it.