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Full Version: Elite Difficulty Missions
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Some members of the fleet have been asking about doing some STF's and the Defari Event on Elite difficulty, but some of the replies I have been receiving when asking some members if they can or not have been very "one sided."

In order to reinforce our "military might" (yes, I went there Tongue), and to get some of us more accustomed to fighting at an Elite level, I will be running events for ALL ADMIRAL RANKED CHARACTERS to replay Borg/Breen/Undine missions on higher difficulties, and we will plan to do STF's and the Defari event when we are better prepared.

One of the ethos' of STOA is to learn the game with help along the way, and I want to be able to do this for you all.

Anyone who is interested, it is recommended that you try and gear up as much as possible (space and ground). I know that dilithium can be a problem (if you want to play a game you could abuse the dilithium exchange market for profits or exchange dilithium if you have the money for c-points), and that the exchange (auction house) can be expensive; but there are players in the fleet that have high level crafting. If you have the mats they will be more than happy to make anything you like from R&D.
There may also be upgrades in the Fleet Bank that may be suitable as well!

If, none of the options above are viable, then I will buy items from the Exchange (Auction House) for you (dependent on item/price).

If you can look up articles (mostly on the STO forums) for ship and bridge officer builds as well then this may help your efforts.

All of this only applies if you are of course interested in Elite Difficulty Missions and want to make a bit of progress trying to get ready for whats ahead. The replayable missions will be a start at least before moving on.

You will all get mail when the event is scheduled to be made. Any questions, please mail me (no private messages in-game please).

Happy Hunting Captains!

For anyone who would like to do Elite missions I would like to offer a very important piece of advice.

Stock up on Regenerators and Components in order to heal injuries and damage. They can be purchased at any station. There are three kinds: Minor, Major, and Critical. You cannot purchased Critical from NPCs, but it is rare that you would need them. If you do want them I'm sure you can find them on the exchange or as loot drops.

Also, for ground combat, it might be a good idea to carry hypos. Preferably large hypos, but any kind will be good enough.

Good luck to all of you!
Do you need all three kinds of regenerators? or can a minor injury be fixed by a major regen? Also When i get higher level and geared up I will definately be in for elite stfs
There are plenty of people on the STO forums who could probably help you Smile

Until then, this thread isn't really the place
Blakmage86 Wrote:Do you need all three kinds of regenerators? or can a minor injury be fixed by a major regen? Also When i get higher level and geared up I will definately be in for elite stfs

You need all three. When I run Elite STFs I make sure to have 20 minor and 20 major. I don't worry too much about critical because as I said those injuries/damages are rare. As long as you heal/fix yourself after each death then you'll be fine.

Just remember you should have both regenerators and components. Regenerators heal you on the ground, components heal you in space.
Thanks Attilio
I'm all game. I keep components and regens anyways. Though now that you guys mention it, I am getting a little low. But I'd love to join in. I play on advanced and I'm getting to the end of the storyline where I need help Tongue But yeah, I'd love to do some STFs with everyone.
I'm in. I just reached VA, and completed most of the story missions, except for the Undine series. I'll have to stock up on regens and components, as I usually play on Normal difficulty. I'm interested to see the challenge, and I'm certainly interested to see the loot Big Grin !
you mentioned having items crafted, i am willing to craft any item that people want as long as they have the materials for it. the just need to send me a message when i am online. i have a character on the fed and kdf sides that has crafting maxed out.
I'm definitely keen. Played Elite a couple of times with randoms with... mixed success. Sometimes great, mostly bad.
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