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Full Version: Q’s Winter Wonderland 2014
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I think I'm cheerfully going to grind out one ship on a toon that doesn't have a special yet.

Then I'm going to throw snowballs at every fleet member I can find! Big Grin
Nice Bolt celebration there, Chris!

I admit, I'll be looking at the ship and deciding which toon(s) it would be useful for. I'm glad the Corvette was a bit pants for how I play so I didn't miss it. TBH no chars really get on with the Chet, either. Maybe the one char (my sci captain) would have used it.

So I'm not weeing myself in excitement about the toys, but looking forward to some larks with the fleet in the event itself - ice races and snowball fights ahoy!
Zane got the CG (That was all of a month after I started playing). Builds out very well as a Polaron glass cannon with the MK XI or MK XII Jem Hadar set.

The Corvette went to Diana (Sci Captain). I loaded its eng slots with RCS consoles just to see how high I could drive the turn rate. It'll almost spin in place at half impulse. But again, not a high hull strength so she doesn't use it much.

So we've essentially seen a cruiser and an escort so far. Science ship this time maybe?
Hopefully! Monty has the c-store sci ship that was in the giveaway, but something special would be a good treat for the old man
Somehow the "fast and the flurrious" accolade isn't nice sounded anymore...
Might get this for my RRF character, looks like a beaut!
I don't suppose anyone would mind popping the pic on to the STOA board instead of linking it over to the game page? At work for 5.5 more hours and can't see it! Sad
(12-04-2013, 08:07 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]You can't see the pictures I put in earlier in this thread?

Couldn't yesterday. Today they show up.

The filters at work are demented....
Dumb question but the winter festival is held on Andoria correct?


(12-05-2013, 02:17 PM)disposingjayce Wrote: [ -> ]Dumb question but the winter festival is held on Andoria correct?
Nope. Talk to Q at your factions Home base (Earth Spacedock, Qo'noS: First City, New Romulus Command Center) and he transfer you to HIS Winter Wonderland.
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