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Hi everyone.
I joined fleet a few days ago,been playing game for about 5 days now,I subbed on the 2nd day as I was enjoying it that much.
Made a Science Character called Sabaz,unsure of its playstyle,but atm having fun whilst trying to workout which skills to choose etc,there are so many its confusing lol.
Anyway thanks for having me and look forward to flying with you all in the future o/
Hi Guys, my in game is main Obi-Wan-Canoli. Also I have Kantaso and Kantazo. I play all Feds with 1 human, 1 Romulan and one Vulcan. I enjoy STO, I love everything about Star Trek without been a trekki. I love anything space related, I am 62 years old so my best gaming years are way behind me, but if you are online and need some help gimme a shout.

I love painting, photography, archaeology and space exploration.
Welcome aboard all. I'm not online all the time, but when I'm on if you guys need anything that I can help with (assistance in an STF, answering a question, whatever) just give a holler. Smile
Thank you friend, right now my main point of focus is to get my reputation chain completed with each race, it is going to take me a while but it is fun so far.
Hello everyone! Just thought that I'd introduce myself. I'm AkitaOne in game, Bajoran Federation Engineer. I tried this game when it first came out and it was TERRIBLE...but I heard alot of good things recently, and it seems like alot of people that play MMOs have this game in their rotation. I started playing again over two weeks ago, and boy has the game changed alot! I'm hooked, and I love the storyline! Maybe one of the better single-player stories I've ever seen in an MMO, makes it easier to solo, and I usually hate solo and only play co-op.

Needless to say, I can't wait to get to some of the higher levels so that I can play with you guys!
Welcome back and welcome to the fleet!
Hello everyone!,

Im Sinbad (IGN: Lister just to be confusing) Just joined back to STO after not playing for around 6-12 months, Still knocking the dust off and getting used to the way things work in STO again so plenty for me to catch up on, looking forward to flying with you peeps, 

...Now i just have to grind a few more levels...
Thanks! I'm loving the game, replaces the lack of Star Trek material on TV.
oh, wow. I completely missed this thread. I'm onboard since August (?) and never thought of a thread like this, haha.

So now, half a year later - here is my short introduction:

My real name is Jens, I play the handle @jonasum#1471. I'm a photographer from Germany - living in Switzerland, but traveling a lot - so my timezone switches very often. I'm 38 years old and have been a trekkie since late 80s. I mainly play on Mac - my retouching machine is amazing for this game regarding graphics, but although it is way overpowered for this game it crashes a lot of times - so be aware when I'm suddenly gone, I might be back in a minute Wink

I really like the game - although it crashes that often. And due to the fact that I already had the honor to play in the academy since 6 months (is that correct? maybe 5), I can recommend this fleet A LOT. Very happy to be here.

So, to all the other new ones: come onboard and ask anything! And to the old ones Wink : thanks for having me, you're doing an amazing job to help the new ones! Thank you for that!
Glad to have you here Jens!
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