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Thanks both of you.  Will be seeing you in game.
Why is it I'm just now finding this thread????  Oh well...

Hi!  My name is Wayne, I was born in 1968, in the great state of Georgia.  I currently reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.  I have been involved with computers since 1984, so I was a Nerd before Nerds were cool.  I enjoy Anime, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and everything Comic Book.

My first MMO was City of Heroes/Villains (also called COX by the player base.)  I must admit that this game spoiled me for all other games as it still ranks as the best for content, player interaction, and just plain fun!  Upon it's shutdown in 2013, I tried a few games but nothing caught my interest.

Then my wife got me to play STO.  Since then this has become my home away from home.  She has since moved over to Champions Online but we still enjoy playing our games next to each other.

I started out F2P but very quickly got the Lifetime Membership as I knew that I would be playing for quit a while.  I actually have two accounts, my LTM is @wewarren68 and my F2P is @esper68.  I usually use Esper (or Esper68) as my account name but due to trying out Champions Online in pre-Beta, I was locked into the wewarren68 account name for Cryptic games.

I have incurable Alt-itus, so I have 14 Captains on my main account and 6 Captains (two Fed, Two Klingon, and two Romulan) on my free account.
Howdy all just though I would leave an introduction here instead of starting a new thread. I am Kenthend! I currently have only 1 toon in the fleet (KDF) but am thinking of putting one in fed side (I Have 10 toons). Been playing sto since 2012. I play a lot, 6-8 hours a day. I don't really pug STF's anymore as I have no need for Marks but am always willing to go in with the fleet. Feel free to hit me up in chat
Hey, folks, I'm Puck... handle @puckalish... and I've been casually playing STO for a bit, now... have had a couple of disappointing fleet experiences and, even though I only joined STOA Omega a few days ago (still probationary), I've already found folks to be real warm and inviting, the conversations in chat to be mature and informative and, well... I could go on... why not?

Before I even knew STOA was a fleet, I was using the resources you all have built here, so any contributions I make to fleet projects, for a bit, are going to be "paying it backward." Even when I've randomly started talking to folks from the fleet, y'all have gone out of your way to be engaging, earnest, and helpful.

Otherwise, at the moment, I'm here to learn (both how to be a better player and how to be a better fleetmate) and I'm down to share what I know, but take it with a grain of salt, my foundation could use some work. Oh, and I'm definitely down for some role playing, though I haven't really done any in-game to date.
Hello everyone,
     I think it is time that I make my own introduction. Hi I'm AAAICT ( the name is a story in itself) and I've been playing STO for about a year now. I joined STOA over the summer, having previously been dissatisfied by Access Denied, who wouldn't allow junior players to use the fleet stores. I then looked around and found STOA, who were already well known through the amazing tools that Attilio has made ( i.e. the skill planner).

I have found STOA to be a very warm, welcoming and full of nice people who are happy to organize events and to give much needed advice. I am currently flying an avenger 5U and loving it and the fleet flying from ( as you may tell from the bottom quote) London, UK (on GMT time)

I hope to see you all around,

Hi everyone.

Call me Rob, Robby, Wolfman.... In game, I'm ADML Robro Megai. ([email protected]).

Started playing STO back in 2012. Where I was living at the time, I had a really cruddy DSL connection. I was lucky to get 1MB down, if the wind blew the right way and I stood with the modem in one hand, balanced on one foot, holding a golf umbrella covered in tin foil! Anyway, I never made it past the first few missions because load times were so awful.

A buddy of mine decided to give the game a try, and now that I'm somewhere with a great connection, I decided to try it again.... Boy, despite the bugs, the game has come a LONG way in the last 3 years!

I'm in the USA, live just north of Atlanta, GA. I'll be on most weeknights from 8pm untill?? (Eastern time). Weekends, that depends on the weather. Once it gets warm, I'll be in my favorite ship, my fishing kayak, out on Lake Lanier trying to land a few Cardassian Bass or Klingon Gar. Wink

My current ship (the U.S.S. Marauder) is a mish-mash of various pieces of the ships in the Star Cruiser Class. I'm pleased with how she looks, for now.

Glad to have you aboard
Hey there everyone.

Name is Andy, or And'rek in the Legion (soon to be making a Fed alt as well). Been playing STO solo for a couple months now - the Delta Recruit event kinda gave me the push to find a Fleet to join, and after some research this seemed like an excellent choice.

I consider myself a casual, light-RP, story-driven player. I don't generally PvP, mainly because since I don't but the time in to get the best gear and hone my weak skills, I generally get tore apart Smile I tend to build stuff on themes, not necessarily for the best stats - I love stuff like sets and such - not so much for the stats, but more for the idea of being "pure" to the ideal.

That being said, I'm not a fluff zealot, and I tend to say that this is a game, and everyone should play to have fun. I look forward to participating in fleet events and doing my part to help build up STO Academy.

For the record, I'm in the Central Time Zone in the US, and tend to play evenings after 7pm once or twice a week, and sometimes on Saturdays during the day. I'm a 45yr old guy with a family, so sometimes I won't be available at certain times. Friday nights are probably my best nights.
I just joined yesterday. I am new to STO, started about a week ago. I got my first federation captain up to lvl 48 or so. I'm not a subscriber (yet), want to wait until I experience endgame.

I have 3 delta recruits at the moment (federation, romulan republic and klingon). I'm looking forward to the whole endgame thing, and helping out in fleet.

I'm in the GMT+1 timezone.
Welcome, Bvermeul!

First off, welcome to STO... next, as far as subscribing goes, there were just some changes to the game and I think I'd definitely wait until I got a few months of bug-less playing before spending any money on the game (subscription, etc.). In that time, there's a ton to learn - and, with the Delta Recruits, you have the resources to learn it quickly and for free (because of all the bonus rewards).

Anyways, I do hope that you check out our the fleets (Star Trek Online Academy - Omega and Legion are taking new folks) in-game, as you will be able to get a lot of advice and help with end-game stuff (which is where the game gets more tricky) as well as some really excellent camaraderie and friendship without spending any money. Personally, I'd wait until the game is a little less screwy to drop any money on it...
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