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I am Mill Wilkinson, somewhat a new addition to the fleet. Thanks to your site (which aided greatly in the Cardassian accusations-mission) I was convinced I could further my experience of the fleet. Thus far I play two characters, but the Klingon one is just out of curiosity, I am all for the Federation.
I study History at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, so my online-time is irregular at best. Thus far my main character has reached level 25. I hope I can be of help to you, be it Finnish, history (Roman empire and antiquity is my favourite) or just plain conversation, I am available.

Oh, and I am a Tactical Cruiser captain. The Escorts and Science vessels aren't quite the right stuff for me. Big Grin
Hello Fleet,
I go by Nick Landing, or just Landing in STO. I've got just one character that I'm putting time into. Landing is an engineering officer and He currently sails a slightly customized Galaxy Class Cruiser. Just to keep things simple I made my toon similar to me however I'm rather enjoying the "Landing" alias.
In reality i'm 24 years old, live in mid-south USA, and am new to MMOs for the most part so you'll have to forgive me if i ask to many noobie questions or offer an occasional "Howdy". my day job is as a radio station engineer, and I try to do a little production work on the side.

I get on and play as often as i can. even at work sometimes if its a slow day. so I look forward to seeing you around.

- Nick Landing
I'am T'an or in STO Vice Admiral T-an of the Tiberius-E and in the KDF Commander Mirra the orion of the IKS Koloth 3, I'am from Alabama, age 19, gender-female. When it comes to star trek I love the original and mostly kirk and of course Chekov!, since I'm a high school graduate(graduated in may of last year) I guess I have all the time in the world to be on STO(if I'm not helping my mom at work or etc)
Shortly after the beginning of the year, I started getting really frustrated with WoW, which I'd been playing for some three years. It nearly broke my heart, because I really loved it, but I couldn't bring myself to log in anymore. I was a member of a great guild, and I knew I was going to miss that.

I tried the SW:TOR beta and really enjoyed it, but couldn't justify paying for two MMOs at once. Eventually, I couldn't even justify paying for ONE...

Then I found out STO was going F2P. I jumped in with both feet.

It took a couple of weeks of diligently searching the Fleet pages for one I felt like joining. STOA's website is what won me over - if they were willing to put this much work into their presence outside the game, how great would it be inside? So far, I haven't been disappointed...

Anyway. I'm forty-something, mom of three (17, 15 and 10), married, living in Nebraska. Long-time denizen of the Internet, web designer, former military brat, introvert and hermit, sometimes smart-mouth. Stay-at-home mom who's been a Trekkie her whole life, complete with irrational crush on Spock.

Main character is Nirure, Trill female science Vice-Admiral. Her fleet is named for regions in WoW's Northrend as a memorial to the best time I had in that game (*sniffle*). I fly Escorts mostly, since I'm sort of ADD in space.

My KDF is Kraag, a hot Klingon tac male that I don't play much.

Ok, rambling.
i'm Will, i'm 21 from England and i've played this game for about 3 weeks. I was linked to this site when one of you (still dont know who?) 1 shot killed me in Ker'rat and told me to come here for help. It did help so i thought i'd join up as the few of you i've spoken too seem like a nice bunch.
Outside sto i study computer science and play alot of starcraft and LoL aswell as the odd fps. add me to steam, ID: Lugash if you want a chat sometime Smile
McWill Wrote:starcraft and LoL

love you already
Hey Guys,

I've been playing STO on and off since beta for short periods of time and kept forgetting how to play my character in between. This is because my main mmo was LOTRO, but has recently become very stale with no major new content due until Autumn, so here I am! Smile

I have a Science captain (Kujin) that I've just got to VA and I am currently learning (or trying to) how to build him and my ship(s) properly but finding it hard work having muddled all the way solo Sad

I am looking forward to meeting and playing with you guys real soon.....well, hopefully fairly soon, depends how long it takes to work this game out, it's not exactly helpful about what some of the stats mean lol

See you out there Wink

Hey folks. I'm George, I'm 22 and I work as a biologist at a research institute in London. I joined because I found myself using STO Academy's frankly brilliant web resources a lot, and felt that joining the fleet was a good way to show my appreciation.

I've thrown together a Romulan science officer and am currently alternating between my Recon Science Vessel and my Romulan (hah, it's wearing the Romulan set) D'Kyr. I reached Vice Admiral fairly recently and have been greatly enjoying the STFs and Vault events - although I could certainly use some advice on my bridge officer builds and whatnot.
Hey guys I'm Matt. I'm 28 and live in the South. This is my first ever MMO but have been a trekkie since I was a child. I'm a part-time paramedic while I am going to school for a double major in Physics and Mathematics (Hence why my main character is an Engineer). I'm not married but my gf who recently graduated college is trying to get me to propose Smile. I joined the fleet because STOA looked like a really well organized fleet. I usually fly my Tac Escort Retrofit U.S.S. Sardaukar (did I mention I love classic scifi novels?), but as an Engineer I think I fit in any type of ship so you'll see me in a lot of different things.
I am coming back to STO. But I most likely be on 2-4 times a week because of school this summer.
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