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Hi all, Raquel [email protected] Kinyenya main Raquel Katherine Janeway @Kinyenya alternate characted to this fleet from my prior fleet on my alt awhile back was impressed with the fleet so also tagged my main (that was hard cause of my officer status for years in other fleet but .. Thank you for the invite I know I been in fleet a few weeks befcore getting on here.  In prior fleet I was an officer for years but no one was ever on anymore and I was literally the last gal standing but make no mistake " I will blow up this ship before I allow anyone to have it"
I hope to have many adventures in game with you
HI all,
[email protected] which is my main.  I've been playing STO since around 9/2013.  I played for a couple of years and life decided I needed to stop.  I recently came back a few weeks ago and so much has changed.  I thank you for the invite and look forward to playing with all of you.  It's my hope to be a contributing member of the fleet and do all I can to help.
My name is Roman and my handle is [email protected]#4633. I live in the southwestern US and usually play at night after work. I look forward to meeting and flying with everyone.
Hi, I'm Rakhohl and I'm an STO addict since right after Beta.  Been through The Great Content Drought, Free-To-Pay, the Mass Riots and eventual love affair of the Enterprise-F, and everything else.  With all that said, I'm no expert on the game and just play for fun.
IRL, I live full-time and travel the country in an RV named Firefly.  I tend not to get on voice chats because A) internet speeds are minimal and B) I tend to talk too much.  Smile
Still doing a lot of reading on the website and hope to talk to everyone in-game.
Hi All, Thanks for the invite, Blade888 here my main character in the fleet I play is "Thor" (Yes, modeled after Thor from SG1) with his bridge crew of Asgard hahah. My other character is "Blade" but tend to play that just with my partner as a duo.
Started playing on Release Day and maxed out and got all end game content/items/craftables possible pretty much and was part of a successful PvP Fleet until 2012. Then new career, new house, and other hobbies took priority. 
Now been back on STO on and off on a more casual basis between 2017 and now. Looking forward to playing along side some new people!
Good day, all! [email protected] is my main. Pronounced "Ay-KIN," my STO main's name is taken from my Star Wars Galaxies character, Aqin Akan. Originally, I based the name off of Khan from TOS Episode Space Seed and Star Trek II. However, my guild leader in SWG was from the American South, so she pronounced the first name like the American Idol contestant and recording artist Clay Aiken. Thus, the pronunciation stuck and screen name was born. Some have referred to me as "Clay," so feel free if easier.
I've been playing STO on and off since launch. Most recently, I had been a member of Unrepentant. With many of those whom I knew no longer playing, I decided a change in fleet might help rekindle a more ongoing interest in the game.
My main is a Tactical officer, commanding an Armitage-class Heavy Strike Wing Escort [T5-U].
As far as IRL, I'm married with two children (eldest is 3 yo and youngest 1.5 yo). I work for a health insurer in an internal customer solutions-related role, assisting our reps and vendors with researching benefit information. I grew up watching Star Trek TOS with my father, as well as the successor shows like TNG and DS9. Following college, once I took up SWG, I started delving into the lore of Star Wars, including the Thrawn Trilogy of EU (now Legends) novels by Tim Zahn.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions out of caution, I'm currently working from home, You may see me online from 9 am-6 pm US EST (-5 GMT), but I may be unable to respond immediately so please don't think I'm ignoring you. Smile
Glad to be a part of the fleet and see where this voyage takes me! LLAP
Good day all!
My name is Crispy ([email protected] is my main atm)
Been playing STO for a few years now and was even in a Fleet until i took a break from the game, when i returned a lot of new things were added so i've been looking for a fleet to help me get up to date and play with!
Happy flying with you!
Greetings to all!  
I just joined the fleet and wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  My main character goes by [email protected] and I'm excited to be a part of a fleet for the first time in a long time.  I've played on and off for years but recently picked up a lifetime sub when it was on sale for my birthday and plan to be around quite a bit moving forward.  Please reach out and say hello!
Hi all, thank you all for your welcome to the fleet. My name is Brun, my main is [email protected] and I have been playing STO on and off since 2012. I have always preferred solo PVE play so although I have belonged to a fleet before I have always stuck to the inactive fleets. But both of my daughters are out of the house now and I have more time to play when I am home and wanted to get more involved. 
So, I live in Florida too but am only home half of the time as I work as merchant sailor so am away for about a month and then home (playing STO) for about a month. I look forward to learning more about the game.
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