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Full Version: Why is playing with Ferasan so fun? (and Caitian)
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Answer is JUMPING!!!

Some are from missions where turrets can be put on weird places and some from jumping around First City.


Secret turret in secret facility

Watching targs

Shuttle at New Romulus

Watching Legion on Defera

Head of statue in Chancellor's Chamber...
[attachment=1031] great place for Mokbara

Spying on R&D in First City (maybe someone develops secret weapon)

Where should I go next?

Kitty on fire

Have you played with Ferasan/Caitian? Show me where you've jumped!

My kdf is a feresan, Love jumping lol
There should be a PvP device of a ball of string, which Ferasans HAVE to play with

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What's all this jumping trash.... I like to jump, where's my jump?
(09-12-2013, 10:31 AM)Hijaak Wrote: [ -> ]What's all this jumping trash.... I like to jump, where's my jump?

And my Fed kitty is named Ferris-san. A name that had nothing to do with Trek before I noticed it was a funny pun on the KDF cat's name....
Seems that Borg have found this topic and tried to beat me in jumping!



Borg WTF? Borg
I must try this. And I gotta pull Ferris away from the curtains again Tongue
I've almost forgot to post this shot.

This is how Legion trains for War Games Cool 
Why do you think she didn't already?
This was taken on first day episode became available Tongue


Thank you for reviving topic Smile

Here are few more from Defera:

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