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Full Version: Typhoon Class: Why don't we have it?
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I keep on seeing this ship in-game: the Typhoon Cruiser. It shows up as an enemy or ally in many missions across the three factions, as well as being one of the summonable ships from Photonic Fleet (my second favorite ability ever). And it just looks really cool. Why don't we get to play it?
Not enough ship choice for you already, eh?
Cryptic have already said it was designed to be NPC only and if (I stress that word, if) it was ever released as a playable ship it would be redesigned and most people would probably lose interest at that point.


Google was, is and always shall be your best friend!

The 4th hit is the Ask Cryptic of December 2012. Skip to the 10th question and you'll get your answer.
It is a hideous ship anyways. They are not getting my vote