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Full Version: Science Captains - Worth it?
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Well, I thought I had settled on making my science captain my primary, until I read 4-5 threads on the main STO forums talking about how useless science captains and ships were in fleet actions (space PvE).

Given that main forums always seem to be doom and gloom, I wanted to ask the folks here was the real truth was.

If my goal is to participate in fleet actions (as well as solo dailies), will a science captain be useful, or would I do better going engineer or (sigh) - tactical??
I think you would do well as a Science Captain, there are plenty of opportunities for them, otherwise they wouldn't exist!

A Science Captain in an Escort are well known combinations, mixing the shield and other healing abilities with ship dps. On the ground aswell (especially in Cure Ground Elite), Science Captains are good allies to have.

A lot of people don't pick them because of doomsaying and generally wanting to do more damage, but I wouldnt listen to them.

At the end of the day, it's your game, and you should play it your way. If you're settled with a Science Captain then make one and prove them all wrong
I LOVE my VA science captain. I have the Fire Team MK XI kit, a Falchion MK XI, and Jem'Hadar stuff for ground. And I have an Assault cruiser and a Mirror Star cruiser. Both have full ship sets, one has Breen, and one Jemmie stuff. The Nebula Refits and the Long- Range science vessel (Voyager's class of ship) are awesome.
My sci toon is rarely played, but for no good reason other than time. He doesn't do the most dps ever, but that's not really the point of a science toon.

BTW, in ground stuff, I think it's the physics kit with the fire, slowing affect, radiation and damage debugger - great kit when you're with other people. Again, not all dps and bangs and glory, but really beneficial to the group

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(08-27-2013, 03:31 AM)Xakthul Wrote: [ -> ]I LOVE my VA science captain. I have the Fire Team MK XI kit, [...]
A Tactical Kit on a Science Officer? Have you been tired again?
I was leveling a Sci toon, but like Mon'T, I don't play him due to time constraints. I'm almost thinking I'd rather have one bad ass toon than six I flip between... but for the life of me, I can't choose one of my existing to focus on.
I have a Fed Science toon - my first character and still my favourite. On the ground he can choose between being a medic (always useful in a group) or an instant area-effect damage dealer. In space, he does okay too - plenty of healing options, the photonic fleet (which at the least provides a disposable target for the enemy to waste shots on)....
Thanks for the great replies! Looks like I'll give my science officer a go (esp. since I went ahead and bought Trill).

For leveling on the Fed side, is it best to level my sci officer in an escort for faster DPS / missioning?

I would plan on switching to a more "sciency" ship for 40+ to start learning how best to leverage my skills and correct ship buildouts.

I would run Escort... but that's my preference for all my toons. Level 40 seems like a great level to start learning a Sci role.
Thanks Hijaak, see you online soon then! Smile
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