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This is my second idea! It comes with a bit more pomp that the original. I feel that it is important to keep to the colours in the fleet logo, so I have kept around this, a bit more colour and a grand touch of white!

Sierra 5 with C11 yellow, H24 black, and 2 bits of I16 white.

Standard bottoms, loose long, with short boots, all H24 black.
Here is my uniform with all the different colors for occupations so we know what someone is and still tell that there are in the fleet. Occupation colors are examples.
Sierra 3 Gloss Uniform
Standard Long Pants
All Main Gold: C12
All Main White: I16
Command & Tactical Red: A6
Captain's Variant Green: D7
Sciences Blue: F9
Medical Torques: E6
Engineering Yellow: C6
Engineering Variant v.2 & 3 Orange: B12

I rather like that Big, although, personally, I'm a fan of a dark color somewhere. If the yellow spots were changed to a grey or black or something like that, I'd be all game Tongue But hey, it's a cool design and looks classy, imo
the red is for tactical.
Alright everyone. The contest has ended. I'm busy today, but tomorrow I'll try to put a poll together for everyone to vote. It'll be open for 1 week. Good luck.
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