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Full Version: Chief Science Officer's guide to Bridge Officers
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First of all, don't worry about Bridge Officer points. Don't even think about them. As you level up in the game you will get so many that you don't know what to do with them. All of your Bridge Officers will have all 8 of their skills maxed out and you'll have left over points. Spend them however you like.

If you discharge (dump) a Bridge Officer you won't get the points back that you spent for it. Again that isn't a big deal and don't even think about it.

Don't save your Bridge Officer skill points, spend them.

The difference between Gold and Silver players is that Silver players get 1 additional Bridge Officer slot per rank. You start with 4 and when you reach Rear Admiral Lower Half you'll have an additional 4, which is a total of 8. So that could be 5 on your bridge, 4 on the ground (so only 1 would be in both the space and ground).

I suggest getting whichever Bridge Officers are given to you. When you get a very rare (purple) one you can discharge an old one and put the new one in its place if you want. Just make sure you put their items into your inventory first otherwise you will lose them.
I agree with the above. Don't worry too much about the skill points (That's what he told me when I was worried). But as for me, I still have two empty slots and am using my original bridge officers. I fail to see what makes a Purple or Blue officer so much better over a normal. I get that they have "the potential" to have rare and very rare abilities (Still looking for Torpedo Spread III), but I figured if one officer I am looking for an ability for I can just train one of my officers up that I have. Sure I still waste skill points, but who says I'm paying attention? I have too much to handle anyways.

Outside of rare movesets, do they gain extra passive abilities? Like +5 to subsystem targeting or something?
ChrisHerr, that's correct they cannot train anyone. If there is a specific ability you are looking for you can visit the Bridge Officer trainer on Earth Space Dock.

Kairu, the rarer a Bridge Officer the better traits are. I don't remember if abilities are improved or not. Overall a very rare (purple) is better than a common (white/clear). As for passives, no they don't gain any.
Hold on a second. Don't look at a ship's bridge officer stations. That has nothing to do with how many bridge officers you can have. This is how many you have for each rank:

Lieutenant - 3 bridge officers
Lt. Commander - 4 bridge officers
Commander - 5 bridge officers
Captain - 6 bridge officers
Rear Admiral and up - 7 bridge officers

The stations on a ship are completely different. I believe it is 4 until you reach Rear Admiral, then it is 5 stations. This doesn't affect how many bridge officers you will have, only how many are on the ship.
Yeah, unfortunately Torpedo Spread III is found only on very (very) rare tactical officers TT_TT Bridge officer trainers don't have that move, sadly. And that's nice to know. Thanks Smile
If you are a tactical officer you might be able to reason your officer. You'll need the right amount of points in one of your skills. I don't remember which skill so you'll have to read the descriptions.

You can also trade a bridge officer to someone and have them train it.
I know, it's pretty awesome. I would speculate they did it to help players experiment with different combinations of common skills and abilities. Currently, the Boff trainer doesn't have Torpedo Spread III. Gotta find a Very Rare Tactical Officer with it. And the exchange has them for an arm and a leg >_>
All kinds of possibilities in your thinking there Chris.

Agreed that a Rom captain is likely to be restricted to purely Rom Boffs until choosing sides. I suspect that's the most likely given the storyline alone. It makes sense.

Devs could go a little nuts and make it where you had both and gave up the ones from whichever faction you decide to oppose, but I think that would create player irritation they don't want to fight with.

Maybe until choosing sides a Rom captain can only choose Rom or alien Boffs off the exchange? Gets to pick from the faction after choosing sides?

Egads, I'm talking game logic here. I need to go check for ear points...


I know, that as a Romulan, you can buy Odyssey / Boretasqu' Uniforms for your Bridge Officers of your Ally's faction. I'm not sure, if this works both ways though.
I was recently asking after the Space Warfare Specialist trait on chat, as I was in the same boat, doing some goose-chasing-style shopping on the Exchange. Apparently, they were only available to some folks and only at one point in time.

More info here:
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