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Full Version: Zen purchase taking foreverrrrr
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On the fourth, I purchased 2000 Zen for an alt' and it is "still" is listed as "reviewing" in my alt' account's wallet.
Is this odd? With every previous Zen purchase, I received the balance within a number of minutes. Any suggestions?
Did you happen to purchase it with Google wallet?I've heard on the forums that a lot of people are having trouble with that. It's on Google's end, not Cryptic's.
I purchased my zen through the official site via the credit card option under charge zen, the same as I've always done.
Does that process use google wallet as a middle man? Otherwise, I'm not sure. My Zen says +2000, but it also still
lists the status as reviewing and nothing has actually been added to my alt's balance.
Hmm, probably not Google wallet, then. You need to choose that option from the purchase screen, and if you didn't, it should have gone directly to your card. Has the charge shows up on your credit card? Sometimes Cryptic needs to review the purchase, especially if it's the first time you've made one. But it's random--my first transaction when through immediately, but I've heard of others taking a long time.

Where does it say zen +2000? Is that in your "My Wallet" on the Perfect World site? You might have to transfer it to the game--though if it's says somewhere that it's under review, I don't know if that would be it. You might want to submit a ticket, but try transferring it first.
Try transferring it to the realm to see if it worked
In the future you are better off getting a game card. I bought some Zen a long time ago and some one hacked my credit card, they tried to buy 700.00 worth of music downloads in London, I live in the US and luckily my bank saw it and put a stop it.