PVP Tac Pilot Raptor
I have linked my Tac Pilot Raptor build hoping to get some reviews or suggestions.  Some of the things I am wrestling with and could use some direction on are listed below. 

1.  I have the Emergency Weapons Cycle starship trait available but can not see where I can fit EPTW in my BOFF abilities to activate it unless I loose the A2B setup.  I need EPTS for Shield Overload trait and EPTE for the evasive maneuvers DOFF.  Is this trait as useful in PVP as it is DPS chasing?

2.  What to do about the LT Sci BOFF position?

3.  4pc Regalia VS 3pc Regalia w/Iconian Shield?

*** See notes, anything missing in the planner is explained there as I found a console a 2 traits not available in the planner for Klingons.

Thank you in advance for any help you all can offer... Happy Treking all!!

Unbuffed Stats
PTR: 243%
Def: Varies with throttle  [Full stop 12.7] [Full Throttle 82.8]  
Acc: 72.0
Crit H: 23%
Crit D: 134%

Alrighty, I am glad to see that you show interest in pvp.
Some time back we made a discord server to collect people interested in pvp and promote their interest, help their builds and start events to see how new pvp players fight each other and then suggest improvement, if you use discord. This is it https://discord.gg/G8uCHPy

If you don't or don't intend to, you can add me ingame @sovereign2727

3pc Competitive vs 4pc, go 3pc and run the new colony deflector.
It gives 4% Crit Chance and 15% Crit Severity at max health, which in pvp you should maintain most of the time. I use EptW and EptE myself, I do not use shield overload generally because I am doing fine without, and currently it is plagued with a bug that makes it very unreliable.
PTR seems alright.
Def could be a bit higher, idk if you use superior elusive since your skillplanner struggles loading for me.
Acc could be a bit higher as well. But it's higher than most people's. Do you use a weapon sensor enhancer?
CritH and CrtD are okay, with the deflector I mentioned above you could milk out a bit more.

Looking forward to spar and talk to you, since you seem to have the right idea.

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