Uniform changes theory
STO has continued the long line of the Federation constantly changing uniforms. But why so many changes?  Came across this cool theory on YouTube that it is to help Temporal Operatives know the year without giving away their ignorance.  Cool theory - possibly true. What do you think? Or are the Federation just super fashion conscious?

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The theory makes sense - however sceptically the changes do seem to relate to the film/tv decades of production and what society expects from a space adventure. There are certain aspects to the TOS that would perhaps not be allowed in this current PC world.
Yes, certainly in practical terms it was just the show representing the ideas of the age (though men in skirts in the first TNG episode may have been a step too far for the time!) 

I think one of the best thing in the Trek community (and some other fandoms) is the great theories people make to try and link things together with the need to retcon.
Very true

I love the explanation of the human looking Klingons in TOS was due to a virus. Smile
I think the historical changing of the uniforms theory makes more sence. If you look at modern armed forces uniforms, they have undergone changes and modifications throughout history as well, even among different brances of service within an individual country's military.

Surely if they were "temporal" operatives, they would know what year they were going to?
(08-15-2017, 10:38 AM)James Wrote: Surely if they were "temporal" operatives, they would know what year they were going to?

True, but do you really want the caded who finished last in his class in temporal operations messing with the timeline?

as a temporal agent, i can say that it is helpful to new recruits to the time corps... but the more seasoned the agent gets, the more trivial it becomes.
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