STF Fleet Arbiter
I use that set, great t a t to epic it's certainly a good one. If memory serves me correctly it is easy to get.I also use the Teran rep set.
Until now i already grinded the set parts on MK XII, waiting for next upgrade weekend to get that stuff epic and try it out on my ship.
Yesterday i overworked the skill tree of my captain , according to a DPS League Guide.

BTW, got like 3000Zen now, is there any ship worth buying for the console to get more DPS?
I ve heard the science oddy seems to be quite strong as well.

I m going to add my latest improvements later that week.
Got the Zen version now for the trait, still waiting for the next upgrade weekend to implement the nausican set.

Actually i did one ISA run with a crappy team and hit like 40k.
most recent update , did some changes due to the upgrade weekend.
Next , i m going to improve my piloting skills to hit the 100k mark.

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