Hazari Destroyer Disruptor build
Hey guys,

I am trying disruptor build as this damage type is mostly used these days - I was using tetryons DBBS before.
Do not throw rocks on be for mixing cannons and beams. Nausicaan beam is for 3pcs bonus and terran beam is there because it is better than any turret I think. 
Heavy escort flak shot arty UR mkXIV is also equiped.

Any advices will be considered and good ones will be rewarded by aplying them to my build.

Thank you 

Max out


In my opinion, you're losing a lot of dps by mixing beams and cannons. Also by not having the three piece Ico.

This build: http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/937a9...631fef3060

I believe would be better, since this build has almost 200 points in Hull Pen, the science tree gives you 50% CritH, and your power transfer rate is VERY high.

I'm using something similar on my Pilot Escort, and I'm reaching almost 90K DPS.
Well my focus were cannons and I find that beams as aft weapons are better than turrets - for my piloting style, trying to have pedal to metal up all the time. 3pc Ico set was the best one in season 12, but in season 13 is not that good - people are getting back to Nukara 2pc for bonus damage - this was raised to 5%. Also Plasma consoles are considered not that good as in season 12. Terran shield and core are for their 2pc bonus. My Hull pen is at 150 and power transfer rate is at 18,6/sec.

90K DPS is in season 13, after all the nerfs? If yes I am surprised. It is very high number.
As of season 13 science tree is not giving you 50% crt chance but with crit hit boosting your armor pen.

The 50% critH is the active ability of the science tree, and yes as of season 13 I'm doing 90K with a similar build. Almost 200 armor pen and almost 26 Energy P/S. Now yes the Ico set isn't as good but its still there and the Terran war core is the best.

But if want to raise CritH Then get Prevailing Inn. Deflector and Shield. Then use the Romulan Impulse Engine for increased CritD.

The main reason I have such a high dps is because of the science tree giving me the 50% CritH so I could focus on CritD which is at 122.5% with nearly 200 armor pen. Let those numbers spin for about.

But if you prefer cannons then do it, I'm not here to say "you suck" only to try and help.

Maybe you should check the science active ability because it was changed in season 13 from boosting your crth to boosting your armor pen.
I am really intrested in k13 armor pen consoles. I think I will try them.

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Probability Manipulation- 1 min 30 sec recharge- Affecting skills: ? (if any)- 50% crit chance for 15 seconds
(Note: only affects Energy and Kinetic Weapon Damage crit chance. Does not stack with Particle Manipulator)

Probability Shell: +100% Hull and Shield healing for 15 sec

Probability Penetration: a chance on crit to gain a stacking Armor Penetration Buff (max. 5 stacks)

Probability Collapse: gives a flat accuracy rating/defense rating buff for the duration

This is a direct quote from http://sto.gamepedia.com/Skill

I have also verified this by logging into my account and reading it for myself.

You should also verify by reading your skill tree. Yes you get armor pen, as well as Accuracy, Defense, and Healing on top of CritH.
Yes you are rigjt. I just can't believe that boosting your crth to 50% every 2 min is enough. What is your crth wo the boost?

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I have roughly 11% if I tweak the model I can get 18-22% CrtH.
After some research I've found this might be better for you as it will do roughly 75-100K DPS


I hope you like this build better.

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