Poll: Most annoying STO NPC?
Captain Kurland
Dr Cooper
Anyone with voice provided by Denise Crosby
Other - add your own below
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Most annoying STO NPC
Tovan is more annoying than he had to be since you can't even get rid of him lol

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(07-18-2017, 09:34 PM)James Wrote: Tovan is more annoying than he had to be since you can't even get rid of him lol

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funny, he's my X.O. on my rom toon :: I'm more annoyed that Hiven should have been in Veril's spot as Engineer. I can just see him walking around the singularity core carrying one of those massive oil rig wrenches. Tongue
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Well you can at least get rid of either of them lol

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(07-16-2017, 09:36 PM)revdadam Wrote: I've said Slamek because his voice grated on me so much I muted the game - but the point made above about Drozana is almost equal in how annoying it is.

Agreed! I avoided the colosseum mission just to avoid that annoying NPC that I just want to 'slam' ek into the pillars lol

(03-11-2017, 05:02 PM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: <warps in>

"helm, one quarter im..." <screen turns on>



So true however add in

Peacefully walking DS9's exterior "Kurland here!"
You think it's over walk two more feet "This is Kurland"
Set Phasers to Stun and fire!

And last but probably the top of my list is Slamek probably the most annoying character ever

1. It's to bright here! (It's pitch black darkness how does that work?)
2. Leave me alone. (I'm helping you escape!)
3. I've lost everything (Who's fault is that? Seems to me it's yours!)

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OH don't forget the slower then molasses walk he does even after you repair his injuries. And you can't progress unless he is near you.
Yes I think everyone would agree he his a slow, whinging, moaning and generally most annoying NPC ever. All others compare into insignificance - they need to take lessons from the master. - Leave me alone.

Cooper is more annoying than Slamek.
"Tuvok.... Tuuuuuuvoooook!"
but the most annoying part about Coliseum was having to be a sycophant to him just to get out of the cages! after that, I let him do all the fighting on his own while i went to eat dinner.

Kurland here is so worn out... but they did try to redo it via "Garret here!"
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