Poll: Is power creep an issue in STO 3 years on?
No, the devs have kept it in check all this time and the game is balanced
Not really. I feel it happening but not at an alarming rate
Yeah but only in certain aspects of the game (which could or could not be tweaked)
Hell yes. Something needs to be done to keep things roughly even
I tend not to worry about it, all MMOs eventually suffer from it
What is power creep?
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Power creep - your thoughts
I would agree that Power Creep has been addressed fairly well, however in some areas it has completely killed off gameplay. When I first played STO there was a relatively healthy PVP scene, whereas now the group of people still taking part have honed builds to such a fine art that anyone who hasn't spent Zen or spent months perfecting their own build is annihilated in seconds without making a dent in the opponent.

Whilst I must admit that skill can be a deciding factor, due to the level of difference in those now still PVP'ing and those trying it first time, it is small wonder that most try it, get the floor wiped with them and then decide never to try again culminating in an ever decreasing PVP playerbase Sad

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