Fleet Hanger Pets Access for Free (KDF players)
Greetings all,

Starfleet Dental, and its sister fleet Nerds of Prey, in celebration of House of Beautiful Orions fully upgrading their starbase to Tier V are offering access to fleet hanger pets to all KDF players starting Friday July 12th for 72 hours. You will need to provide your own fleet credits, dilithium, and fleet provisions.

(They are not charging any fee for invites to their starbase....)

I know that Nikita might go over and pick up the XII Romulan Embassy Tac Kit, but I'm not sure what else I should be jumping at. (I'm assuming if there Starbase is level 5, they have probably completed their embassy)

I wanted to spread word so other Legion members could make use of it!

Anyway let me know what things KDF should be buying! (I have the Rep 5 reman fighters, so I'm not sure what fighters I need. perhaps the fleet version of the Orion Raiders?)



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Only thing I would be interested in would be a ship... but they didn't offer that Smile
If they were willing to offer me a Fleet Negh'var, I would probably jump at the offer, but otherwise...

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It uses your own material and our fleet provisions, so I imagine you can buy what you like as it doesn't affect them, does it?

I'd be tempted by the über ferjai for Mon'T and maybe Hard As Nails bops for Montara. But Montara has other priorities at the moment. Kits might be purchased though!

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Tier 5! That is impressive. We're not far off from T5, but still several months. Good for them

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